Kitchen Remodeling Pictures

kitchen remodel before Here are some before and after pictures of kitchens that I have personally done in the St. Louis area. I will start with the oldest kitchen that I have pictures of. You can see from the picture that the cabinets and countertop were outdated, but what you can't see is all the water damamge from years of water leaks. As an added bonus this kitchen had walls infested with mice. Note the position of the two windows and the corner sink. kitchen remodel after In the after picture you can see how the sink was moved from the corner to the center of the room. Also one window was removed and the other centered in the kitchen wall. This kitchen needed replacement of the sub-floor due to a leaking dishwasher. I think all the appliances were relocated in this remodel.

kitchen remodel before Here was a kitchen where the tennants were evicted and destroyed the cabinets on their way out. It basically was a small rental setup. I got a great deal on some nice cabinets so I used them here for a kitchen that turned out really nice on a small budget. This kitchen's electric was badly outdated so that was included with this project also. kitchen remodel after In the after pictures you can see that, again the entire kitchen was reworked, but this one was not as extensive as the one above. The sub-flooring and drywall were in salvagable shape and the plumbing stayed where it started. A dishwasher and microwave were also added because the space was easily available in this huge kitchen.

kitchen remodel before Look at this kitchen right out of the 70's. Dark brown cabinets and olive green appliances with a nice z-brick accent. I'm sure it was beuatiful when it was new, but I don't see it. I always like to use light colors because it makes the space seem so much bigger than it was before. In these pictures you can see what I mean. Replacing that picture window with one that opened was also part of this job. kitchen remodel after Unfortunately the process of stripping the z-brick from the wall caused too much damage so the walls were re-drywalled and GFI's were added while the wall was open. Afterwards it is the same basic kitchen but it looks so much better than it did. Looks like we wedged in an extra cabinet on the side of the dishwasher too.

kitchen remodel before This one was not so much of a remodel, but more of an improvement to the existing kitchen. Originally we were just going to remove the cabinets, paint them with a special textured epoxy spray, and replace them, but immediately after starting we found out that there was subfloor water damage and much of it had to be replaced. kitchen remodel after The only things actually replaced here were the appliances, countertop, and flooring. The wall tiles were removed and white glossy wainscoting panels were installed on the backwall. It was a fairly inexpensive option to a total remodel and looks great. This kitchen still looks good 5 years later because I just saw it.

kitchen remodel after Unfortunately I do not have a before picture for this kitchen but just imagine a moldy smelling room with 3 broken cabinets and there you have it. This one basically needed everything a kitchen can need except for bugs, it had plenty of those. But as you can see it turned out nicely. I went with the 42" cabinets just to avoid that weird little 8" space that some kitchens have and because they look nicer when they work. Here also I built a custom cabinet in the corner for that corner sink.