Complete House Rehab Pictures

home remodel before Here are pictures of houses that I have remodeled completely, inside and out, around the St. Louis metro area. These are a personal project of mine and not really related the the remodeling business, but you can still see the work that has been done regardless. The first one I found pictures of is this beauty right here. This house was purchased one day before it was condemned, so the inspector gave us a very short time to get the safety hazzards fixed. The 2 story porch was detached and nearly falling over and the roof had huge holes that needed immediate repair. That was just the tip of the iceberg for this one. home remodel after By the time we finished this crazy house nothing was original except for that half round front window. Seriously.

This is the second house that I remodeled that I believe was haunted by something. This one actually threw something at me, but that is a another story. It's hard to see, but when we cleared away the weeds and dirt, we found a very nice old brick side walk that ran right up to the porch. As you can see this came out beautiful and we saved an 115 year old house from destruction.
back porch before back porch after

Here is the back porch of the same house above. You can see more of the sidewalk we uncovered running along the side of the house. Also note the rear entry door was relocated.

stairway remodel before stairway remodel after

Here was the stairway leading to the second floor inside the house. The hardwood floor was original under the tile and layers of paint. It was a big job saving it, but was worth it.

home remodel before

Here we have another house I remodeled a couple years back. On the outside you can see that painting and windows are all that was needed to make this one sell. On the inside it was pretty bad. home remodel after Throughout the whole house was matted carpet covered with years of dog pee and hair. Probably the worst smelling house I have been in until the carpet was removed. Actually now that I think about it, all of my houses have been that way when I got them.
back porch before back porch after

Unfortunately these are the only pictures of the inside of this house that I found.

You can see it was simple painting in the laundry room that made all the difference.

home remodel before Here is another house I did several years ago. I do not have an after picture of this one, but nothing was different except the paint was a little cleaner because it got re-painted. Two rooms of this house were completely gutted out and most of the rest needed to be.
closet before closet after

Here the master bedroom closet before and after. Obviously this house had roof issues that had to be fixed before anthing inside was repaired.

living room remodel before living room remodel after

Here is the living room, a number of stairs were broken and a large section of the subfloor needed replacement. The only light in this room was a tiny fixture near the steps, so I moved it to the center of the room and replaced it with a nice ceiling fan/light. This house is where I learned what a nightmare it can be troubleshooting a 3-way lighting circuit that won't work. After many hours I eventually ran new wires and gave up trying to find the trouble.

home remodel before Here is another case where I just jumped right into the work without taking before pictures. All I have is two after pictures of this one but it looked absolutely terrible when I got it. The outside was completely painted, a now roof was done, new windows were installed, and the back porch add-on was sided.
closet before

This is a fully functional fireplace that was reworked and tiled to look like it does here. I had to save that mantle because it looked like the original and was very cool. It even had a built-in beveled mirror, above the mantle, that can't be seen in the photo.