Deck Building Pictures

front porch deck Here are some pictures of a few decks that I have built around the St. Louis metro area. I will start off with a very small, simple deck (front porch) that I built on one of my project houses. You can see that this is really nothing special, just simple treated pine lumber construction. It may be hard to tell, but this deck actually has two levels. The lower level was built just above the old concrete porch which had sunk into the ground. The hardest part of this deck was finding secure places to attach to this very old house.

cedar deck Next we have a fairly large cedar deck that was constructed over an existing broken patio. This deck has three sets of steps leading out in three different directions. The owner wanted the custom built privacy panels and sunburst rails. The finished look was very nice. I have to thank my brother for his help on this deck, without him it would have been a real back breaker.

Vinyl Composite deck Here is a deck built out of vinyl composite decking materials. There are several brand names for this material but this one was the Veranda Composite from Home Depot with white vinyl rails. It is basically small wood particles mixed with colored plastic, then formed into the shape of a board. It gives a very nice finished look and, according to the manufacturer, lasts 15+ years without splitting or warping. This material is quite a bit more expensive than standard treated wood, but needs virtually no maintenance for a very long time.

two story cedar deck The last one that I could find pictures of is this monster that was built (with help) out of 100% cedar. This deck is so tall that we had to special order the main support posts because the local lumber yards did not have any long enough. The first floor is completely screened-in and has ceiling fans. The second floor needed a new door cut into the wall to access the 2nd floor deck area. Also notice the fan rails on the top level.