My name is Bryan and I have been doing construction and remodeling jobs around the St. Louis area for the last 20+ years. On many projects, I would take pictures before and after to see the results. I started thinking one day, what should I do with all those pictures of my past remodeling projects that are lying around? Then it occured to me that I should make a website to show other people all the great construction projects I've done. Whenever I find comparison pictures I like to look at them side by side, so I will try to post them that way too.

When I finally got serious about doing this website, I searched through my pictures and realized that I did not have pictures of every project. I can think of at least 3 more bathroom remodels, 1 more kitchen remodel, 2 more deck constructions, 1 complete house rehab, and tons of plumbing & electrical jobs that I never bothered to take pictures of. Just click the links above to see the pics that I could find.